What is LINKS?

LINKS is a peer to peer program for students at Okemos High School.  Students on the Autism Spectrum benefit from being paired up with a friend and mentor in the building.  Students enrolled as the mentors (LINKS) benefit from learning about Autism Spectrum Disorder and serving in a leadership role.  All students involved benefit from making more positive connections with peers in the building.  This is an elective course that can be taken multiple times for credit.

The student enrolled in LINKS is a mentor, role model, and friend to a student with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD).  In this role, the LINK student is with their assigned ASD student for one class period each day, except for Wednesday, which is “Training Day”.  In addition to being a mentor, role model, and friend, the LINK is there to assist the ASD student in such things as appropriate behavior, organization of assignments and supplies, and focusing on what the teacher is saying.  The LINK student attends periodic LINK staffings to discuss the progress of their ASD student, and contribute ideas on how to more effectively help the ASD student progress toward his/her goals.

During a normal school week, the LINK student attends a LINK training class one day of the week where they learn more about the autism spectrum, as well as methods/techniques for working with ASD students.  There will be assignments that will be worked on the remainder of the week.  All assignments will be found on Google Classroom.