Autism In The Media

Temple Grandin – Brief Bio

Sensory Overload by Miguel Jiron via Vimeo

Temple Grandin – The Autistic Brain (video) 2013

Kids With Autism Quick To Detect Motion via NPR May 2013

Autism Prevalence Now At 1 in 50 via Forbes March 2013

The Human Voice May Not Spark Pleasure in Children With Autism via NPR June 2013

Young Adults with Autism Can Thrive In High Tech Jobs via NPR April 2013

DSM-V – Asperger’s No Longer Exists via Health Day 2013

Study Finds Teens With Autism Struggling to Cope via The Autism News Oct 2013

Video Could Transform How Schools Serve Students With Autism via Science Daily Oct 2013

Postsecondary Education and Employment Among Youth With an Autism Spectrum Disorder

Many Youths with Autism Not Employed or In College 2 Years After High School

Autism Probiotics Study

Study Finds Sensory Disconnect in Autistic Children via USA Today 2014

U.S. to fund tracking devices for individuals with Autism  via CNN 2014

Autism Awareness in College Basketball via Autism Speaks 2014 Anthony Ianni’s (Okemos Grad who played basketball at Michigan State) reflection on this day.

Do autistic brains create more information at rest? Or do they have weaker connectivity? Or both?  Via Kurzweil 2014  Similar article from Science Daily

Putting Special Talents to Good Use via Parents Magazine 2014

How Ajit Narayanan used technology to help autistic children communicate via YourStory 2014

Asperger Syndrome – A Trait In Great Demand via Liberty Voice 2014

Autism Characteristics Vary By Gender via SFARI 2014

New Rise in Autism Numbers May Reflect Rise in Awareness via SFARI 2014

People With Autism Have Extra Synapses via Discovery News 2014

Autism as a Facet of Experience, Not a Limit via Harvard Gazette 2014

The Waitress, The Autistic Girl, and The Broken Hamburger via Huffington Post 2013

Hearing in Color – Synesthesia via Inforum 2014

Daniel Tammet: synesthesia

Autistic Savant – Drawing NY Skyline from memory

Asperger’s Removed From DSM

Jerry Seinfeld Praised for Revealing He May Be on the Spectrum via Brietbart 2014

Jerry Seinfeld Not Helping- Celebrities With Autism Distract From Reality and Research via Salon 2014

Jerry Seinfeld and Autism via Psychology Today 2014

Scientists Implicate More Than 100 Genes in Causing Autism

Rosie King: My Autism and Me via BBC 2014

Rosie King: How Autism Freed Me to Be Myself Ted Talk 2014

16 Years Ago a Doctor Published a Study. It Was Completely Made Up. And it Made Us All Sicker. Via Upworthy 2014

New Gene Study Suggests There Are Hundreds of Kinds of Autism via Wired Magazine 2014

The Confusion of Delayed Auditory Processing via The Autism Site 2014

Why “High Functioning” Autism is So Challenging via VeryWell 2015

Autistic Replay in the Brain via Autisticate Dalmayne 2015

5 Autism Simulations to Help You Experience Sensory Overload via Mashable 2015

The Connections in Autistic Brains are Idiosyncratic and Individualized via ARSTechnica 2015

When Children With Autism Grow Up via Buzzfeed News 2015

They Don’t Want an Autism Cure via Daily Beast 2015

O is for Overloaded, Overstimulated and Overwhelmed via Unstrange Mind 2015

Asperger’s Student Leads Female Autism Study via Cambridge Netw2015

We’ve Called Autism a Disease for Decades. We Were Wrong. Via VOX 2015

Why It’s So Difficult to Diagnose Autism in Girls via Slate Magazine 2015

How Autistic People Helped Shape the Modern World via Wired Magazine 2015

Mixed Signals: Why People Misunderstand Each Other via The Atlantic 2015

Autistic Adults Do Not Look Like Autistic Children via Judy Endow 2015

In Autism, Facial Expression Recognition Tends to Worsen With Age via PsychCentral 2015

Adult With Nonverbal Autism Explains What Sensory Overload Feels Like for Her via The Mighty 2015

How to Explain an Autism Diagnosis to Your Son via The Mighty 2015

Sight May Mix With Sound in Autistic Brains via Spectrum News 2016

Autistic People: Persons or Projects? via Olliebean 2016

Comic Redesigns Autism Spectrum to Crush Stereotypes via The Mighty 2016

This Nonspeaking Teenager Wrote a Profound Letter Explaining Autism via The Sydney Morning Herald 2016

Confessions of a Special Needs Parent: Don’t Praise Your Kid For Playing With Mine via Ellen Stumbo

Why Kids on the Spectrum Stim – Helpful Advice From an Autistic Adult via Parents Magazine

16 People With Autism Explain Why Eye Contact is So Difficult via The Mighty 2016

Teen Locked in Autistic Body Finds Inner Voice via ABC News 2009

Top 7 Autism Myths and Facts via VeryWell 2016

Carly Fleishman’s YouTube Series: Speechless (began 2016)

Experience 60 Seconds of What it Feels Like to Live With Autism (sensory sensitivity) via Upworthy

A little humor.  Neurotypical Syndrome


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