Interaction Tips

Bill Nason runs the Facebook Page:  Autism Discussion Page  which is AMAZINGLY WONDERFUL!  He provides a wealth of resources for those working with individuals on the spectrum.

Below are a few tips he shares that I think are useful and relevant to LINKS:

Beginning Tips For Learning To Work Together:

•Start with simple activities that (1) the individual already know how to do, and (2) enjoys doing.

*Be literal and not overly chatty.

*Do not expect reciprocity

*Do not take things personally and focus on the words more than the tone.

•Do the task together, both taking active roles/turn-taking.

•Use less words, and more non-verbal communication (animated facial expressions, exaggerated gestures).

•.Use your words to “share” (thoughts, feelings, perspectives, etc.), not direct.

•Focus on reciprocal interaction, helping each other out, succeeding together.

•Frequently celebrate “doing it together.” High fives, thumbs up, etc.

*Writing things down is usually very helpful for getting information/messages across


Ten Tips from Steve Summers – an adult with Asperger’s – a short and easy read – worth checking out the entire thing.

Highlights include:

*  We tend to take things literally and have often trouble reading between the lines.

* Please keep in mind that we most likely have been rejected, excluded, ridiculed or bullied in the past. If we seem anxious or insecure this may be due to living in a world that misunderstands us and is often hostile to us.

* Be patient when we are formulating our answers, and treat us with respect whether we communicate with a flat or unusual voice, a computer or other non-verbal means.

* Please don’t get offended by our communication style. We tend to be frank, honest and matter of fact. Some people may interpret this as blunt or rude.

Fantastic tips from CPI! Great for someone who is just starting to learn about autism.

Great tips from OCALI – I especially love number 8.


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