Journal Directions

You can access your journal document in your Google drive.  Remember that the information you post in your journal is confidential student information.

  • Date your post at the top and put your initials (example: C.S. 9/3/16)
  • When giving information, use SPECIFIC examples/quotes you observe.
  • You are welcome to add to your journal bit by bit.  I will not grade the journals until after the due date (journals are due EVERY Monday).

Socialization: Describe how your peer demonstrated socialization skills this week – with you, with his/her classmates, with the teacher, etc.

Independence: Describe what you observed in terms of independence – getting started/doing things him/herself, having you/classmate/teacher assist with something, asking for help when needed, etc…

Academics: Describe what you see in terms of your peer’s academic strengths/struggles.

Goals: What’s a baby step goal that you think your peer could improve on, in order to become more happy, successful and independent (think in terms of after high school, what will your peer need?) and what can we do to help your peer get closer to achieving this goal? You can also write updates on goal progress here.

**YOU DO NOT NEED to write about all 4 areas each week, as this can get redundant, HOWEVER, I should be able to get a good picture of what you see in the classroom based on your journals. That is the goal. YOU ARE MY EYES AND EARS!


Remember: If there are urgent concerns – or if you are unsure of what you should do, please come see Mrs. Skoutelas in person!


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